[jdev] JIDs in chat rooms (Avatar and other user info)

Heiner Wolf wolf at bluehands.de
Tue Sep 28 02:06:47 CDT 2004

> > What about sending a pubsub node address in the presence 
> you sent to the
> > room?

Yes, a pubsub address in the <presence/> is a solution. For the deployment I have to wait until pubsub is available in the wild though. 

> Clients can pick their own pubsub server, so they could 
> specify one that  
> tells them who requested the avatars. That would tell them 
> the JIDs of the  
> others in the room. Also the name of the node on a PubSub 
> server sometimes  
> shows the JID of the publisher (this is not required, but 
> used many times  
> in examples concerning PubSub and is never mentioned as a security  
> consideration).

That's safe enough, I guess. A publisher JID in the pubsub data is much better than a required JID in the <presence/>. 

> The only real safe way to do it is by letting the MUC 
> component retrieve  
> the avatars of users, and make them available for publishing 
> (whether this  
> is done by a minimal PubSub implementation in the MUC component, an  
> external PubSub server or JEP-0008 style is up to the implementor).

Question to mu-conf people: 
The really anonymous solution would be if the conf component would proxy for the user's server. Would it be possible that MUC answers on behalf of the user's server. So that the requesting client could treat the room-JID of the user like a real JID and the MUC translates JIDs and proxies user data. I don't dare asking for a PubSub proxy in MUX. For a start, a proxy for JEP-0008 like requests would probably be simple to implement. 

> Wether clients will allow entities not on their roster (like the MUC  
> component, or a user in the MUC room like Matthias suggests) 
> to retrieve  
> their avatar is up to them with PubSub. Though in the current 
> JEP-0008 (I  
> believe) model they don't have that choice (when you know the 
> JID you can  
> always get the avatar).

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