[jdev] Eclipse and XMPP/Jabber

John Liston listonj at asconline.com
Wed Sep 29 11:09:59 CDT 2004

> I think this is a good idea, but I personally don't have time to
> pursue it. Have you considered trying to take this up yourself? :)

Scott, the project lead, has replied to me. He is now experimenting with the Smack client and said he could use some assistance. Some excerpts from his email:

"Coincidently, I've already begun working on putting into the ecomm work an open source implementation of 
XMPP (smack, actually...do you have any detailed familiarity with this implementation of xmpp?)."

"With ecomm, we will be providing Eclipse-based abstract apis for access to various kinds of communication functionality/protocols, and providing 'reference implementations' of various protocols...for example, xmpp. This should give us (and ecomm developers) the maximum flexibility to interoperate with different existing and new protocols."

"If you were able/willing to help out with an xmpp implementation, or even review my/team's work, that would be much appreciated.  Although I'm quite familiar with xmpp and similar protocols, I've not been trying to pay attention to all the various standards efforts."

"As I understand it, [IETF/Jabber.org] are trying to define a consistent protocol for IM server-side interoperability.   I consider ecomm's effort to be focused on delivering communications apis to Eclipse plugin developers (primarily, but not only), so that applications can be easily constructed to take advantage presence info, messaging, peer-to-peer communication, etc.  I believe if approached in the right way, these can be complimentary...with ecomm apis providing plugin developers with access to open communications protocols (like XMPP), and allowing the rapid creation of Eclipse-based apps that interoperate with other XMPP clients/devices."

I will continue my email dialog with Scott, especially trying to emphasize Jabber has much wider application than IM. Meanwhile, anybody familiar with Smack might contact Scott and offer some assistance, or I can pass a message along.

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