[jdev] Eclipse and XMPP/Jabber

Nahuel nahuel at develog.com
Wed Sep 29 11:31:08 CDT 2004

cool you'll can help me :-D

cf : http://jabberstudio.org/projects/euja/project/view.php


Matt Tucker a écrit :

>I (and the other Smack developers) are always happy to help. Scott has
>actually emailed us in the past and he's welcome to do so again or to
>post in the Smack forums;
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>>>I think this is a good idea, but I personally don't have time to 
>>>pursue it. Have you considered trying to take this up yourself? :)
>>Scott, the project lead, has replied to me. He is now 
>>experimenting with the Smack client and said he could use 
>>some assistance. Some excerpts from his email:
>>"Coincidently, I've already begun working on putting into the 
>>ecomm work an open source implementation of XMPP (smack, 
>>actually...do you have any detailed familiarity with this 
>>implementation of xmpp?)."
>>"With ecomm, we will be providing Eclipse-based abstract apis 
>>for access to various kinds of communication 
>>functionality/protocols, and providing 'reference 
>>implementations' of various protocols...for example, xmpp. 
>>This should give us (and ecomm developers) the maximum 
>>flexibility to interoperate with different existing and new 
>>"If you were able/willing to help out with an xmpp 
>>implementation, or even review my/team's work, that would be 
>>much appreciated.  Although I'm quite familiar with xmpp and 
>>similar protocols, I've not been trying to pay attention to 
>>all the various standards efforts."
>>"As I understand it, [IETF/Jabber.org] are trying to define a 
>>consistent protocol for IM server-side interoperability.   I 
>>consider ecomm's effort to be focused on delivering 
>>communications apis to Eclipse plugin developers (primarily, 
>>but not only), so that applications can be easily constructed 
>>to take advantage presence info, messaging, peer-to-peer 
>>communication, etc.  I believe if approached in the right 
>>way, these can be complimentary...with ecomm apis providing 
>>plugin developers with access to open communications 
>>protocols (like XMPP), and allowing the rapid creation of 
>>Eclipse-based apps that interoperate with other XMPP clients/devices."
>>I will continue my email dialog with Scott, especially trying 
>>to emphasize Jabber has much wider application than IM. 
>>Meanwhile, anybody familiar with Smack might contact Scott 
>>and offer some assistance, or I can pass a message along.
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