[jdev] RE: Jive Messenger Open-sourced

Matt Tucker matt at jivesoftware.com
Wed Sep 29 22:47:44 CDT 2004


> 1.  Do you have a process/scripts to migrate from Jabber 
> 1.4.3 / Jabber 2.0 to Jive.

Nope, although that's an interesting idea. Perhaps someone will be
interested in working on that when the Messenger Open Source release is

> 2.  How about the support of other components like transports 
> and users-agent.

It's a very high priority for us to implement the component JEP. We
don't have any plans to write transports ourselves at the moment, but it
would be great to have them.

> 3.  Is the MUC-Spool migration possible.

I'm not familiar with Muc-Spool. Is that MUC history in the jabberd muc
implementation? We don't have any plans to support migration. As the
Messenger FAQ states, our aim is happy coexistence with existing servers
rather than trying to suplant them :) So, we probably won't be writing
many migration tools but others are welcome to.

> 4.  How many concurrent uses have been tested wo work stably.

Several thousand. I believe Messenger has been tested to have better
performance and be able to handle more connections than Jabberd 1.4 and
earlier versions of Jabberd 2.0 (I'm not sure how performance compares
to newer releases of Jabberd 2.0). We're planning to switch to the NIO
networking library in the near future, which would massively improve

> 5.  Do you have binaries for Solaris at this point of time or 
> do u plan that with open-source.

The "generic/java" installer should work just fine on Solaris. Because
Jive Messenger is in Java, it will work on any platform that supports
Java. I think we can build specific Solaris installers as well using our
installer tool -- we just haven't up until this point.

> 6.  Would you have any active developers to work on this 
> open-source here on.

Yes, Jive Software engineers will continue to work on Messenger after
it's Open Source, with a concentration on features we need implemented
for our commercial Jive Live Assistant product. We'll have a roadmap for
features we plan on working on fairly soon. Hopefully other developers
will be inspired to do feature development as well. :)


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