[jdev] Looking for a good Java API

Ford, Peter Peter.Ford at travelocity.com
Fri Apr 1 10:46:27 CST 2005

I'm looking at JSO right now and I agree - I see no sample code, no
"getting started"... I need something I can use right away. I'll take a
look at Yaja too but unless there's adequate user documentation
switching to another API at this point may put me too far behind so I
may just have to persevere with Smack.


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> > Smack is usually recommended for client development. JSO is usually
> > recommended for component development. Or at least that's what I've 
> > seen on the lists (I'm not a Java guy myself).
> Yeah, that sounds about right. I've used JSO to play with, 
> but not written
> anything 'proper' in it so don't know how good it is 
> first-hand. However,
> there's no easy 'getting started' documentation, and the examples are
> lengthy and uncommented.
> > Smack and JSO are the most modern, up-to-date libs for Jabber/XMPP 
> > development in Java. Jabberbeans, Yaja, Marbles, etc. are all older 
> > libs that I don't think people would recommend these days.
> I'd agree with that, except that I've got an inexplicable and 
> irrational
> soft spot for Yaja. :)
> Phil
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