[jdev] LLI: PubSub Component

Matt Mankins mankins at media.mit.edu
Sat Apr 9 15:31:25 CDT 2005

Hello jdev.

I noticed today that I might have never made a package out of my LLI 

It's a working PubSub implementation (well, as of 2003's definition of 
PubSub) that has been specialized to store geo-location "nuggets".  
Written in Perl, and last run under JabberD1.4, maybe it will be useful to 
someone, especially the test scripts in the misc/ directory?

I was just in the jdev chat room and someone asked a pubsub question, and I 
tried to send them a link to this package and noticed there wasn't one! So 
there is now:

Jabber LLI Component (Modified PubSub under the hood)

LLI Overview (Background)

At some point I should post the Client, which is a completely gutted
GPSDrive enabled with Jabber/LLI support.  Right now it seems to segfault
for often than I remembered.  If anyone is interested in helping out with
this, let me know...

Matt Mankins
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