[jdev] Re: Serverless (peer2peer) jabber sessions

David Waite dwaite at gmail.com
Sun Apr 10 14:39:10 CDT 2005

Yes, zero config in my book would require also:
1. A server, if needed, is bundled with a chat client
2. Chat clients can automatically negotiate setting up a
server/servers (including race conditions with many clients starting
at the same time)
3. Users do not need to do any steps such as creating accounts or
registering with services in order to use services.
4. If the user who was promoted to the server goes offline, a new
server is automatically promoted. This does not disrupt the user
experience in any way - they have no idea they are now on a different
server, and all their conversations and services behave as normal.

-David Waite

On Apr 10, 2005 6:55 AM, Richard Dobson <richard at dobson-i.net> wrote:
> > David Waite wrote:
> >> Exactly - Rendezvous is just a (no longer used) trade name by Apple
> >> for zeroconf. Automatic discovery of a server is useful, but you still
> >> must have someone set up and administer a server before the chat
> >> clients would work - not exactly zeroconf.
> >
> > That's why we made a CDROM called REPOS.
> >
> > With the CDROM that we build, called Erlang REPOS, the server is zeroconf.
> > Just put the CDROM in your harddrive (Windows, Linux, MacOS) and launch
> > ejabberd. This is a one minute operation and client can then connect to
> > the server and start chatting.
> > Nothing more to do. Nothing to install on the harddrive (However, the data
> > are created in the temporary directory and reused on restart). No config
> > file to deal with.
> That might make it easy but its still besides the point as it still requires
> someone to put that CD into a machine (or to even know that CD exists let
> alone having that CD in the first place), the point of Rendezvous/ZeroConf
> chat is that you dont need a server in the first place full stop.
> Richard
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