[jdev] Sending message to Yahoo! Messenger

Trejkaz trejkaz at trypticon.org
Sun Apr 10 23:17:16 CDT 2005

> <message
>        to='mybuddy at yahoo.somejabber.org/someresource'
>        from='myjid at somejabber.org'
>        type='chat'
>        xml:lang='en'>
>      <body>Or this one ??</body>
> </message>

This one is closest.

  1. You probably don't need a resource, as certainly with the Yahoo
     Transport I'm familiar with, Yahoo users don't get given a resource.
  2. The "from" attribute is generally optional for clients, as the server
     has to correct it for you anyway.
  3. xml:lang goes on the body, not the message.

So the simplest form is:
  <message to='mybuddy at yahoo.somejabber.org' type='chat'>
    <body xml:lang='en'>Or this one ??</body>


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