[jdev] TINS implementation in PSI and Jabberd2 started

Cesar Martinez Izquierdo listas at ono.com
Mon Apr 11 14:12:03 CDT 2005

El Lunes 11 Abril 2005 13:05, Jacob Bunk Nielsen escribió:
> Hi
> Just to let everyone know.
> My friend Sebastien Yerly and I are working on implementing TINS
> (JEP-0111) in PSI and jabberd2 as a project at our local university.
> The implementations will not be production stable implementations, but
> proof of concept. We hope to release any code we write for others to
> use, if they should wish to do so.
> OK, jabberd2 already supports TINS as it complies with the last part
> of section 2.4 of RFC 3921, that says it must pass on anything it
> doesn't understand. However, we are also writing a proof-of-concept
> transport for SIP. In addition to performing voice chat between PSI
> users, our plan is to be capable of calling a regular SIP phone from
> within PSI before we finish.
> We have investigated other options for voice chat and transporting
> voice to other networks, and have decided that TINS is the best way
> for reasons We're not prepared to discuss here. You are of course free
> to agree or disagree with this as you please, but commenting on it
> will not change our decision, so please do not flood the list with
> comments on this. It has already been discussed on the
> standards-jig-list.

Hi, I've not seen such discussion in the standards-jig-lists, but anyway I'm 
doing a very similar project in my university.

However, I'm not sure at all if I'm going to implement TINS or I'll use 
another approach. I will send another mail to standards-jig (maybe tomorrow) 
and I will explain which are the alternatives I purpose. Maybe you could find 
it interesting.


  Cesar Martinez Izquierdo

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