[jdev] Changing delivery presence

Leonardo Galicia Jiménez valkyreii at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 11 22:57:45 CDT 2005

Hi Richard

>>What exactly are these "rules" that you speak of?

These rules are a set of requirements that IETF Greopriv WG recommends for 
manage privacy and security concerns about presence and location information 
of users. These rules are basically a XML document. This document include 
instructions for detremining whom is available to receive the presence and 
location information, when and where this information is disclose to others 

>There is no reason you cannot build this on pubsub (presence is just 
>another kind of pubsub afterall), depending on what you want to change in 
>the presence handling code you may end up making your server non IETF RFC 
>compliant making your hacked implementation incompatible with the rest of 
>the XMPP world, which is IMO a very bad thing.

I am agree with you and Peter about XMPP compliant, and i have interest in 
no affect the core of jabber. In fact, i am looking a way for do this 
without affect the jabber server. Let me explain better my problem.

With presence protocol basically we can know whom is online and if this 
person is available (busy, away, etc), of course, for see the presence 
status of other users we have to have authorization of the users.

Using jep-0060 we can publish user geolocation (jep-0080) to others users, 
every susbscriber subscribe a topic, and each time that publisher put 
information in the topic and event is delivery to each subscribe.

Now suppose this scenario, i am in my building's company and my geolocation 
information is changing frecuently, i use a PDA and my jabber client know 
where i am and publish this information to my co-workers, all my co-workers 
have authorization to see my geolocation information. However i want that 
some co-workers know only if i am in the building or not, because is all 
information they need. When i am in the cafeteria or the bathroom i don't 
like to disclose this information to anyone, my geolocation is only 
available to some co-workers from monday to friday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm 
and finally i want that some co-workers can susbcribe to my geolocation 
information for 24 hrs only after that they don't receive more that 

This issues are adressed by IETF Geopriv workgroup, and they create a set of 
rules in xml format and they published it in a draft that manage above 
requirements. This rules determine how the geolocation information reach to 
each subscriber.

My question is, there is a way that i can do this or somenthing similar 
without affect the code jabber server?. There is a way for publishing 
information, process it with some entity and after that disclose it?

I really will appreciate any suggestion.


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