[jdev] SMS transport - more precisions

Sébastien Falquier sebastien.falquier at atchik.com
Tue Apr 12 03:14:11 CDT 2005

>This may be of interest:

Thanks for your help but it seems that this transport component does not
respond to my needs (moreover, I am not familiar with perl :o( ).

Indeed, I would like to get an external component (JEP-0114 compliant)
preferably written in Java or C/C++ that would enable XMPP users to send
SMSs to users of a cellular phones network. This transport component
should rely directly on the provider's SMS server, using a basic SMS

If such a kind of component does not exist, as I am new to XMPP, could
someone give me some clues to develop one: a skelton of a generic
transport component, some advices on how to build a transport component
that responds to these needs (Is it necessary to use RFC 3922 in this
case?), contacts that could help me, or anything else that could help me
to start...


xmpp: sfa.atchik at develog.com
mail: sebastien.falquier at atchik.com

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