[jdev] Gossip and gnomemeeting

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Tue Apr 12 11:02:46 CDT 2005

>> Just an observation but it might be nicer to call it 
>> http://jabber.org/protocol/voiphelper or similar if you are going to 
>> officially register it so we can leave voip for a future fully integrated 
>> voip protocol.
> What about http://jabber.org/protocol/voip/helper for what I have in mind 
> and http://jabber.org/protocol/voip/venice for a "future fully integrated 
> protocol" called 'venice' (in case there are several of them)?

Yea thats possible, although my suggestion is more consistent with past 
usage, probably best to leave it up to Peter to pick.


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