[jdev] SMS transport - more precisions

Katz, Dov B (IT) Dov.Katz at morganstanley.com
Wed Apr 13 14:27:49 CDT 2005

JGF is alive and well. The code should be on SF. We use our framework in production here for various things.

However, for SMS, I recommend a "Stateless" approach which involves a "Jabber Service Framework -JSF" which we have not GPL'd as of yet.

By Stateless, I mean that you don't need to bring up one connection on a remote service per user on the local service, like you would, with, say a remote IM System.    The JGF was primarily for that.

I recommend building the following app (grab code from the JGF or cook up your own...)

Create a Gateway/Transport and connect it into your jabber server....

When receiving a SUBSCRIBE presence, just return a Subscribed, and when receiving an "Online" presence, echo back an Online to the sender.

When receiving a jabber:iq:search, return jids formatted so that the email/sms will reach you... Example:  2125551212 at sms.myserver  or dovkatz#server.com at sms.myserver  -- if there's a hash, convert to "@" and make an email... Etc.

Now you have a system which can make remote SMS addresses appear online in your jabber roster, without storing any state for any of the users. You don't even need to register with the gateway :)  

This is what we created here, and it works like a charm.


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Sébastien Falquier wrote:

> It is a pity that the JGF no longer exists because a JEP-0114 compliant framework would simplify a lot component developement.
> Moreover, since I have never coded in Python, I had a look to JSO and I start wondering how to do the job...

And unfortunately I can't find my code anywhere that used the Marbles 
framework.   I have the compiled versions thou, so I'm gonna decompile 
them and rework the code so it can build again.

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