[jdev] SMS transport - more precisions

Sébastien Falquier sebastien.falquier at atchik.com
Thu Apr 14 11:07:48 CDT 2005

Thanks Mark and Dov for your help.

I got the JGF (that is on SF but that was not found last time I was
looking for it... SF requests overflow?) and I had a look at it. It
seems easy to use (I think every useful things are in RemoteConnection
class) and your implementation proposal should suit me well.

But in fact, I have some problems that I cannot sort out:
- the SMS users should be located (and visible) in a chat room (but
there are too numerous to get one persistant XMPP connection per user)
but they do not need to receive chat room messages if they do not want
- the SMS users could become XMPP users (thanks to a wap interface for
example) and, in this case, they must not receive SMS messages.
Moreover, during this transformation, they must keep their user's
settings such as chat room location.

I am thinking about this (because I want to replace our old and complex
application) but if you have any idea about this, do not hesitate to
contact me ;)


xmpp: sfa.atchik at develog.com
mail: sebastien.falquier at atchik.com

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