[jdev] Re: Image transfer in chat ?

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Thu Apr 21 09:07:23 CDT 2005

>> Umm, that's not very Jabber like.
> Why not?? It's very XHTML like. I'd say this is a good reason we choose 
> XHTML and not some "more simple" custom layout scheme.

XHTML like doesnt necessarily mean its jabber like, see below for a far 
better solution.

>> Couldn't the img src be an xmpp URI
>> that specifies an id of a file transfer in its query component? The
>> precise sequence of steps would need to be elaborated (ie: send img
>> first, then message; the other way?; or it doesn't matter).
> That's an alternative. It's far from the only way. This method here is 
> good for small images that are needed with a minimum of latency. And it's 
> simple.

Yea might be simple but its potensially very wasteful if the user already 
has of copy of the image, its far better if you send a file hash and only 
download it if you dont already have a copy, it may also cause karma 


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