[jdev] Re: What happened to JECL and SCM?

Nolan Eakins sneakin at semanticgap.com
Fri Apr 22 00:01:58 CDT 2005

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Joe Hildebrand wrote:
| The JECL library has been folded into a more comprehensive set of APIs
| Jabber, Inc. offers commercially now. If you still have a copy of what
| called JECL back then, of course you can continue to use it under the
| license.
| If you are a customer of Jabber, Inc., your sales or support contact
can get
| you the latest version. If not, we don't currently have plans to
| those libraries as open source at this time. That is something we might
| consider again in the future, but is not in the current roadmap, since
| components written against our libraries end up more tightly
integrated with
| XCP than we think the open source community might want.
| One of the differences is that back when we first released JECL, there
| weren't as many good open source options for developing Jabber
software in
| C++, so we felt an obligation to the community to give them some options.
| Now, there are other choices, so we've taken our libraries a different
| direction.
| I know this may be disappointing to some, and perhaps we haven't
| communicated information on this topic well enough to everyone. Sorry for
| that.
| Let me know if you have any questions.

My concern is with point #2 in the JOSL's preamble that states that
source code will be available. I'm not a lawyer, but if you license a
library under the JOSL you must release the source of that library too.
Something that was never done with JECL, and has been a constant
question that I've had since I feel that I have a right to the source
code of the binaries that were distributed. Perhaps I don't have a right
and need to be corrected.

- - Nolan
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