[jdev] Message limitations

Natasha Live jabber.develop at ntlworld.com
Fri Apr 22 17:42:08 CDT 2005

Chris Mullins wrote:

>Speaking strictly from a protocol perspective, there are no limitations
>on the size of an XMPP stanza. 
>I have personally sent through stanzas of several megabytes (by mistake,
>on a few occasions) and the server I was using (SoapBox Server) worked
>just fine. 
>There may be any number of practical limitations depending on the server
>you're using, how much bandwidth you have available, how busy the server
>is, and other related factors. 
I think I may have worked it out. I'm guessing that it may dislike 
control characters. The escape character was inside the text.

Now feel slightly daft.


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