[jdev] JEP-0106 - Jid Escaping

Hernan Tylim htylim at novamens.com
Thu Apr 28 12:55:47 CDT 2005


For the sametime transport that I am developing I thought on 
implementing JEP-0106 but I found it insufficient so I would like to ask 
the list if my understanding of the JEP was correct.

Is it correct that JEP-106 only escapes 10 characters? (<space>, ", #, 
&, ', /, :, <, > and @) If I understood correctly they are the only ten 
characters not allowed by NODEPREP but allowed by STRINGPREP. But what 
if we need to escape a character that is not allowed by STRINGPREP ?

Moreover, I noticed that my Jabber Server automatically lowercase the 
JIDs and given that Sametime usernames are case sensitive I needed to 
escape also all uppercase letters. Does JEP-106 cover this case ? If 
not, why not ?

Thanks in advance.


Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> The original aim-t supports jabber:iq:gateway, see JEP-0100. So you
> should be able to feed the screen name to that transport and it will 
> tell you how to handle it. Or of course you can go with the JEP-0106
> method, though I don't think that's supported in any clients yet.
> Peter

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