[jdev] [JEP-33] Some questions

Bruce Campbell list-jdev at vicious.dropbear.id.au
Thu Dec 1 14:42:45 CST 2005

On Tue, 29 Nov 2005, Norman Rasmussen wrote:

> On 11/29/05, Gaston Dombiak <gaston at jivesoftware.com> wrote:
>> I was reading JEP-33 and some questions came up to my mind. :)
> Are you considering that the 'server' is a standard jabber server,
> with no extra multicast support.  There's an extra multicast component
> that is handling all the multicast requests.

Has anyone actually implemented JEP-33 yet?

Quite apart from the obvious usage cases of roster and conferencing 
component, I can see some situations where a s2s component might 
dynamically start implementing it on traffic to a remote domain.

   Bruce Campbell

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