[jdev] Re: IQ request response query

Vinod Panicker vinod.p at gmail.com
Tue Dec 6 05:39:52 CST 2005

On 12/6/05, Remko Troncon <remko at psi-im.org> wrote:
> > No closure on this, so what I'm doing is sending separate error and
> > success stanzas to each of the items in the single iq stanza.
> I would say that if you are interested in separate errors, you should
> simply send separate remove queries. By not doing so, you just say
> you are not interested in the result of the separate items, just the
> whole query.

Alright, so what I'll do is send a response with the original xml and
an error type of undefined-condition.  In the descriptive text, i'll
try and mention the items that caused an error.

> In any case, your server will push only the succeeded changes to all the
> clients that requested the roster (including the sending client).

Yes, this is being done.


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