[jdev] Dialback question

Vinod Panicker vinod.p at gmail.com
Thu Dec 15 02:50:48 CST 2005


Lets say that I want to run an xmpp service for a well known
organization, xyz.  They already have a Directory server in which the
accounts are a at xyz.com, b at xyz.com etc etc.

They also have a website, xyz.com which they dont want to disturb. 
They want to enable federation with other xmpp systems as well.  They
also want the xmpp user accounts exactly as they are in their

In this case, the deployment of the xmpp server would be on a separate
box, that is just identified by an IP.  The SRV records for xyz.com
service xmpp will point to this box.  The users will login using their
standard accounts, a at xyz.com, b at xyz.com etc etc.

Now when this server goes for an S2S connection to a server that
supports only Dialback, how will it work?  The Receiving server will
try to resolve xyz.com and expect an Authoritative server at the other

Am I missing something or is Dialback not an option in this case at all?


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