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Dhoren Hernsor dhernsor at yahoo.com
Tue Dec 27 23:24:49 CST 2005

 Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2005 12:57:43 +0100
  From: Sascha <sascha_sauren at arcor.de>
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  Hi Jhune,
  did u made an phpinfo() and checked if the socket function is enabled?
  if it is....
  did u tried to connect with annother clien like PSI or exodus?
  if that all is ok...
  just serach in the php source for the file or class that handles the 
  connection and add echo or print command where messages are send or 
  so u can see if its valid xmpp and if there is any kind of response.
  btw... which php jabber client are u using?
  greetz Sascha
  Dear Sascha,
  I cant locate the socket function that you stated... Is this the same  with socket support? Its currently enabled. As of now, am using  Trillian Pro as my client. With Trillian, I have no problems in  connecting to jabber.org.au
  As of now, am in the office and am behind a firewall. Only ports 80,81, and 443 are open and are Service by Apache. 
  Is it ok if I send you the codes? I really need to run this codes...
  Date: Tue, 27 Dec 2005 13:18:17 +0100
  From: Ulrich Staudinger <us at activestocks.de>
  Subject: Re: [jdev] PHP Jabber
  To: Jabber software development list <jdev at jabber.org>
  Message-ID: <43B13109.7020405 at activestocks.de>
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  Yeah, Dhoren, try to telnet to port 5222 of jabber.org.au. For me it 
  Use this command to test:
  telnet jabber.org.au 5222
  Check if telnet can connect.
  Hi U,
  I cant connect to jabber.org.au on port 5222 using telnet. Got error:  Could not open connection to host, on port 5222: Connect failed.

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