[jdev] [libJingle] where to talk about it?

Sean Egan seanegan at gmail.com
Fri Dec 30 16:39:16 CST 2005

For now, http://groups.google.com/group/google-talk-open is the
"official" place to discuss Libjingle.

On 12/30/05, Andro <andromede at gmail.com> wrote:
> also something that I don't understand is that it doesn't change
> anything to add --with-speex and/or --with-ilbc or not to ./configure.
> I also don't know if these options are waiting for a path (usually
> --with-x is not waiting for anything ..) or not, but ./configure
> --help gives
>   --with-speex      Set prefix where speex lib can be found (ex:/usr,
> /usr/local) default=/usr
>   --with-ilbc      Set prefix where ilbc headers and libs can be found
> (ex:/usr, /usr/local, none to disable ilbc support) default=/usr

Those should just be warnings, not errors. ./configure should complete
and you should be able to build fine, just without support for iLBC or
Speex. --with-speex and --with-ilbc does want the prefixes for Speex
and iLBC; you're probably thinking of --enable-X and --disable-X which
are just flags whether or not to compile with certain support. If your
Speex and iLBC are in places where the compiler won't ordinarily find
them, you may need to set these flags.


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