[jdev] Re: Idavoll 2

Herman Li flameman at gmail.com
Thu Jul 7 08:31:18 CDT 2005

Thanks for the detailed reply. I'm thinking something that's 
configurable, such as the node description (pubsub#description). The JEP 
isn't quite clear on this, and I'm not even sure what to send from a 
Jabber client to the pubsub to configure this meta-data.

> To get back to your question. It depends on where the information is
> comming from. The meta-data of a node usually consists of configurable
> information and other information. For example you could store the
> creation date of a node, and return that in the meta-data for that node.
> But this piece of information is typically not configurable. If the
> information you want to convey is stored with the node information (e.g.
> in the pgsql database), then you need to adjust the storage facility. If
> you can derive this information from the unmodified storage facility,
> you can just alter the backend.

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