[jdev] need jabber developer

Faiz M faizmd at gmail.com
Wed Jul 13 00:34:34 CDT 2005


My project isnt that big... i currently have 35 clients (carriers) under my 
network, i administrate and route their voice calls to different countries 
and termination points. I have around 100 terminators world wide. we have to 
stay online with them almost 24 hours. We use msn messenger, but since our 
network is growing, my clients as well as i feel that we should seperate our 
list into a branded messenger service. I looked in
i have read the specs for your XCP version.. we dont need anything that 
fancy, I have seen some open source liscense which i presume r free to 
download and develop.... well i am no developer, and thats y i emailed you. 
If your developers would modify an open source version i would pay them for 
their services. I dont need any thing fancy, simply chat program and file 
sharing. If voice is also possible that would be great. Please let me know, 
and if you dont provide such services then please refer me to some one who 
can develop on a jabber open source IM. 

Thank you.
Faiz M.

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