[jdev] Usefullness of JabberStudio ?

Peter Saint-Andre stpeter at jabber.org
Thu Jul 21 16:31:29 CDT 2005

Ulrich Staudinger wrote:

> As i read in the mails, the core js.o team has no time to maintain the 
> site or do major feature enhancements - which is fine, j.o owes a lot of 
> respect to this huge contribution. But j.o seriously needs some power 
> and maybe a proper process how to handle improvement requests and work 
> on site. Thanks to Peter, most website work gets done - but of course 
> peter can't do everything and i think that's not his job.

I help out with JS admin duties but I may not be the best person for 
that, especially since I have not hacked on the JS code at all. It's on 
my list to write a README for prospective JS admins, but to really 
improve it someone will need to dive into the code (or figure out how to 
transition from JS to something else).

The jabber.org website processes could definitely use improvement -- 
especially for updating things like the software pages and server 
listings. The software pages probably have the potential to be something 
like Freshmeat (we have enough of that information in a database) but 
the processes are currently lacking and I'm a bottleneck.

> I propose some sort of "Job openings" or "Get involved" page / site 
> especially for jabber.org related projects, or at least some listing on 
> the "Contribute" section of J.o. I'd prefer a dedicated job listing page 
> for all sort of jabber related projects, companys or groups, be it 
> commercial or open source. Do some members have thoughts on this ?

Is this for posting tasks to help www.jabber.org, JabberStudio, any 
open-source project, or also commercial positions? I don't see a need to 
restrict it, but in order to get people to contribute we might need some 
kind of bounty system (didn't we discuss that several months ago?).


Peter Saint-Andre
Jabber Software Foundation

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