[jdev] Passing all chat through a filter

Piers Kent piers.kent at bbc.co.uk
Fri Jul 22 03:53:36 CDT 2005


as part of a project here I'd like to be able to route all chat of any
kind (and maybe other things that contain user-defined text, such as
presence messages?) from every user through some kind of program which
checked for certain strings. If the packet contained a particular string
it would be discarded and hence never be seen by anyone else, otherwise
the packet would continue to the server unmodified and be seen by
whoever else is chatting to that user.

The idea is that people can chat to each other freely, but if someone
types a certain string then that entire piece of chat is completely
discarded - as though the person never typed at all, and no-one else
ever sees it.

I'm sure someone must have done this but I haven't yet found any
examples. Could anyone give any pointers? I'm guessing it might work
like the external authentication daemon we've got running (based on
http://www.snoogans.co.uk/jabber/index.htm#xdb_auth_cpile ).



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