[jdev] tweeze-0.31 released

Rory rory at ipster.org
Sun Jul 24 08:30:40 CDT 2005

EHLO jdev at jabber.org

Just released tweeze-0.31 which might be of interest to some of
you java developers out there. Tweeze is a client-side XMPP access
layer - essentially a library which takes takes care of the TLS and
SASL aspects of the protocol. It's still at a very early stage of
development and this is just a tracer code release - ie an attempt to
hit some nails and get a feel for what's in store. Nevertheless,
rudimentary support for the following is available:

    * SASL Authentication using the following Mechanisms:
        - PLAIN
        - CRAM-MD5
        - DIGEST-MD5
        - GSSAPI (Kerberos V5 - but with compatibility issues)

Also, the parser module may be worth a look for anyone parsing
the XMPP stream - it's a wrapper around SAX + JAXP that allows
pull-style parsing, schema validation, ...
You can download the source release from the project page:



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