[jdev] Google Summer of Code

Piotr P. Karwasz piotr.karwasz at ens.fr
Sat Jun 4 09:43:52 CDT 2005

On Fri, Jun 03, 2005 at 12:58:48PM -0500, Peter Saint-Andre wrote:
> I have created a web page about the JSF's involvement with the Summer 
> of Code program, including a preliminary list of possible projects:
> http://www.jabber.org/developer/summerofcode.shtml
> I'm sure there are many more potential projects lurking out there, so
> let's discuss them on the list here and I'll update that page.

You mention many possible proposals in the page, but some of them are more
important for the community than other. By lurking this mailing list from
some time, I suppose that the main goals/most requested features are:

* Avatar support
* Pubsub support
* VoIP support (but this one is rather a Ph.D. project)
* Virtual presence

Have I missed something important?

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