[jdev] Google Summer of Code

Joseph Holsten pantosys at gmail.com
Sun Jun 12 20:30:05 CDT 2005

On 6/12/05, Hal Rottenberg <halr9000 at gmail.com> wrote:
> * Presence notification as you said.  For example next to the name of
> the author of a page is a graphical indicator of their jabber status.
> I've seen this done using a bot to maintain the presence subscriptions
> (see Edgar http://edgar.netflint.net).
Any features edgar could use? This one seems pretty straight forward to me.

> * Authentication is a good one.  Drupal used to have a module that
> would allow you during the account login process to use your Jabber ID
> as your username.  And when you enter your password, it would pass it
> to your jabber server to auth you.  Very novel, for a GPL CMS.  And if
> your account didn't exist during login, it's created on-the-fly,
> because of course a user ID will have to exist in Drupal's database
> for permissions and stuff.  Note the phrase "used to" above.  It's no
> longer maintained, and if I recall correctly, it would require
> updating to be compatible with the current version.  I for one could
> really use this Drupal mod.
I like this idea, but also like openid authentication. I'd really like
a discussion comparing the advantages of both before I pick one. It
would certainly be interesting to integrate openid into a jabber

> * Send jabber messages (as type=headline) to subscribers to a
> forum/wiki/cms when certain criteria is met, such as: new article,
> article you are monitoring is changed, opt-in announcements list has a
> new item.  Some systems do this already (e.g. Unclassified Newsboard
> http://newsboard.unclassified.de), but MW and Drupal are extremely
> popular and lack this native functionality.
> * You could be the first to implement a pubsub service that would mate
> with a CMS.  Maybe every article is exposed as a node, and users can
> maintain subscriptions that way?
> * Same for remote control (http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0146.html),
> perhaps for administration purposes?
> * Perhaps an XMPP messaging API for a CMS?  It could be used by other
> plugin authors for integrating IM into their sites.
> * XML-RPC-style pings over Jabber that create automated links between
> Wiki pages.  WikiArticleA at server1.com has "See Also:
> [interwiki-link-to-server2:WikiArticleB]", and the act of saving the
> article will ping server2.com and create a trackback-style entry in
> the destination article.  Wow, that's a good idea.  Put my name in the
> credits please.  :)
Wow. There are a ton of related ideas here. Seems cool, but would it
be worthy of a jabber sponsorship? Mediawiki isn't a sponsor, but it
would benefit from these ideas more than drupal, in my uniformed

Joseph Anthony Pasquale Holsten
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p.s. Thanks Hal, I had meant to post to list

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