[jdev] status bug in pyaim-t

Eric Muehlstein emuehlstein at rcn.com
Mon Jun 13 01:31:24 CDT 2005

d'Oh... probably should have mention that i'm using:

pyaim-t 0.5 from http://pyaim-t.blathersource.org/ 
ejabberd 0.9.1 from http://ejabberd.jabber.ru/

On Mon, 2005-06-13 at 01:28 -0500, Eric Muehlstein wrote:
> I have noticed that the status of several of my aim-transport users is
> not reported properly to AIM buddies.  
> To reproduce this error, login to a jabber acct and pyaim-t transport,
> set yourself "away" with no status message.
> The aim-transport will show status "online".
> Try again, but set a status message when you go "away" and the
> aim-transport will properly show your status.
> I would try a hand at fixing this myself, but my python isn't too
> strong.
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