[jdev] Google Summer of Code

Richard Dobson richard at dobson-i.net
Wed Jun 15 04:16:07 CDT 2005

> You're right, but regardless of scaleability and efficiency, it's still
> defining more or less the same thing which was already defined in 
> JEP-0070.
> The title of JEP-0070 pretty much reads as exactly what JEP-0101 does.
> It could have been co-authored or something to merge the two ideas so
> that it would work either way. :-)

It might have but I was working on JEP-0101 long before JEP-0070 actually 
came out, and I did submit it long before the date it actually says on it as 
it took a while and a couple of attempts to get through to Peter, ive got a 
feeling it might even have been before JEP-0070 came out that I started 
trying to submit it.

> Actually, I'm not entirely convinced that JEP-0070 requires a Jabber
> server to be embedded in the web server.  The same protocol would work
> with only a client embedded in the server, just like existing web sites
> don't require an embedded email server to send email confirmations.

Sure using the word "server" was probably the wrong term to use, but it does 
require some kind of jabber "component" or other to be tied into the 
webserver for it to work.

> It's a little inefficient, yes.  It's not so conceptually perfect, because
> it did require the user confirming the message, rather than having 
> anything
> automated... but I do think the two could have been merged somehow.

Maybe so but im not sure how as the author of the other spec seemed to want 
to go about it in an entirely different way which was not really compatible 
with how I needed it to work (I use a version of this spec in production and 
had been before either protocol came out), all I was doing was documenting a 
method I use that works very well. After JEP-0070 came out I considered 
implementing that instead but it wouldnt have worked very well in my 
situation for the reasons already outlined and since they do go about it in 
two fundamentally different ways I didnt see the problem at the time with 
releasing my spec too, I thought it might come in useful for someone.


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