[jdev] ANNOUNCE: libstrophe 0.7 XMPP library

Jack Moffitt jack at xiph.org
Wed Jun 15 14:37:31 CDT 2005

Online Game Group is pleased to announce the release of libstrophe 0.7.

libstrophe is a C-based XMPP library for writing clients and components.
It is lightweight and portable (meaning that it compiles out of the box on 
Win32, OS X, and various unices) and is implemented per RFC3920 and
RFC3921.  It is available under a dual GPL and commercial license.

This version is our first public release and is still in active 
development.  The library is usable, but our primary goal with this release
is to start getting wider testing and feedback, especially as we're starting
to develop some of the more high-level features.

Current features:
 * XMPP compliant
 * Platform agnostic
 * SASL authentication (DIGEST-MD5 and PLAIN)
 * Legacy jabber authentication
 * Resource binding
 * Low-level miniDOM access for stanza manipulation
 * Event handlers for timed events, stanza names and/or namespaces, and
   stanza ids
 * Customizable logging and allocation

Still to come:
 * TLS support
 * High-level stanza manipulation
 * C++ bindings
 * Thread safety
 * Full documentation

To obtain more information on libstrophe or to download the latest release,
please visit:

Special thanks to stpeter for patiently answering our many spec questions.

We hope you enjoy it,

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