[jdev] Rooms and user attributes

JEAN WRIGHT Cox jean.wright at cox.net
Wed Jun 15 20:11:23 CDT 2005

Persistent rooms is a current feature of jabber. I cant answer the part
about a rating system or altering attributes. Maybe you could use another
means to capture this information such as a survey or something like that.

JL Wright
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> Hei,
> I'm a bit new to Jabber, so maybe my questions are a bit stupid,
> sorry for that if so :)
> I would like to run a small jabber-"network" which should have some
> stuff of which I'm not sure if jabber-supports it.
> First is rooms. Aside of User-to-user IM I have to offer "rooms" with
> topics. Those rooms could be permanent and not be spawn by users, but
> user-created rooms would also be acceptable.
> The other thing is "user attributes". User should be able to rate
> each other (i.e. if a support person solved a problem, the client
> should be able to give him a positive rating).
> Is this already possible with jabber?
> Otherwise, I think it's possible to write those mods.. ok, this is
> more a rhetoric question
> Thx
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