[jdev] Rooms and user attributes

Heiner Wolf wolf at bluehands.de
Thu Jun 16 02:59:32 CDT 2005


>>First is rooms. Aside of User-to-user IM I have to offer "rooms" with

>>topics. Those rooms could be permanent and not be spawn by users, but

>>user-created rooms would also be acceptable.

Both are possible, as explained by other posts.

>>The other thing is "user attributes". User should be able to rate  
>>each other (i.e. if a support person solved a problem, the client  
>>should be able to give him a positive rating).
>For the rating, I think some module could be created using pubsub
>support (JEP 60: http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0060.html).

This is the standard answer on this list. Everything can be created
using pubsub. Only you must create it yourself. 

What you need is not currently available. 

Jabber (MUC) rooms do not store user attributes other than the status
(admin, visitor, participant...) and other chat related bits. There are
no custom user properties in rooms. Anyway, I guess you want to manage
user attributes across rooms and not per room. So, that the user rating
from one room is available in another room. This means, that it is not
sufficient that the room stores user attributes. This is definitely not
available now. It must be programmed.

The advantage of pubsub for storing the user attributes is that they are
available on the (Jabber) network even if you run multiple chat
components. But even if you use pubsub to store the user attributes, you
still have to program the part that does the storing. This would
probably be the chat component. Since it is not built into chat
components now, someone would have to modify a chat component to
collect, combine, and store ratings. If you do not run multiple chat
components, but only multiple rooms on a single component, then you
might as well store the user attributes locally with the chat component
in a file or database (omitting pubsub). But as I said, this must be

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