[jdev] Rooms and user attributes

Steve Smith ssmith at vislab.usyd.edu.au
Thu Jun 16 19:07:55 CDT 2005

> Jabber (MUC) rooms do not store user attributes other than the status
> (admin, visitor, participant...) and other chat related bits. There are
> no custom user properties in rooms. Anyway, I guess you want to manage
> user attributes across rooms and not per room. So, that the user rating
> from one room is available in another room. This means, that it is not
> sufficient that the room stores user attributes. This is definitely not
> available now. It must be programmed.

One (possible) hack to store extra room information is to have a special
user on the server with predefined name who maintains a pubsub node with
this information.  So if you have a MUC room
'lounge at conference.example.com' you create a user
'moderator at example.com' who owns a pubsub node
'<userroot>/muc/lounge/extra' that contains the information.  Clients
that understand the convention can just subscribe to that node.

The advantage to this is it can be done without server modifications
(this would work out of the box with ejabberd).  But it feels a bit of a
hack.  I'm planning on using this for some multicast support for MUCs,
so I'd be interested in hearing comments on this.


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