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I've finish the similar work. I used Jabberd as an IM server and developed
the IM client myself by using an open source component JabberCOM. I also
developed another client named JabberM to manage the members and groups. It
works very well in my company. The basic functions are:
1. Systematic groups and members management. The administrator defines the
systematic groups and puts different members to different groups according
to the organization's department tree. Once a member login to the IM, he
will see all the members in the company immediately. And he can't delete or
change the systematic groups. But he can define his personal groups.
2. IM's basic functions like one to one chats, group chats, file transfers
3. Some restrictions. One account can only opened by the administrator. One
member can't change his nickname (for management purpose) and so on. 
I think jabberd is very great as a public IM server. But for enterprise IM
server purpose, some optimizations can be made. For example, it doesn't have
the systematic concept. So if we have 500 members and we want each member
can see all the other 499 members in his buddy lists. We will have to insert
499*499 records into the roster-groups tables. We can absolutely avoid this
by defined a systematic group table and put 500 records there. But then we
would have to make some changes of the jabbers sources code. Then it will be
an enterprise Version of Jabberd. I am thinking about this work recently and
wonder if there is any people who have the same interest. Maybe we can

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Hi everybody

I'm in a proyect where we need to develop an IM for a company. The
idea is to have a company based server that can send instant messages
to all the employees that are logged on.  Some may think that email
would be a solution, but sometimes emails are not read immedialty.  We
think IM would be the best solution.

Like other IMs, an employee can have a contact list of other fellow
employees, have one on one chats, group chats.. but there would be
some restrictions (no file transfers)

Do you guys know about any existing program? I have never programmed
an IM, so any help on how to start would be great, and if there is an
open source program available similar to my requeriments, that would
be great!

Thanks for the help!
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