[jdev] Organizational IM

Julien PUYDT julien.puydt at laposte.net
Fri Jun 17 10:53:05 CDT 2005

bowlong a écrit :
> 3. Some restrictions. One account can only opened by the administrator. One
> member can't change his nickname (for management purpose) and so on. 
> I think jabberd is very great as a public IM server. But for enterprise IM
> server purpose, some optimizations can be made. For example, it doesn't have
> the systematic concept. So if we have 500 members and we want each member
> can see all the other 499 members in his buddy lists. We will have to insert
> 499*499 records into the roster-groups tables.

Putting everyone in everyone's roster sounds rude. Why should everybody
have to know when anybody is there or not!?

Wouldn't it be better to have some ldap server somewhere, where people
can find everyone's jid, then let every employee add to her/his roster
only the "interesting" other people?

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