[jdev] Re: Organizational IM

Stephen Marquard scm at marquard.net
Fri Jun 17 13:00:57 CDT 2005

bowlong wrote:

> 3. Some restrictions. One account can only opened by the administrator. One
> member can't change his nickname (for management purpose) and so on. 
> I think jabberd is very great as a public IM server. But for enterprise IM
> server purpose, some optimizations can be made. For example, it doesn't have
> the systematic concept. So if we have 500 members and we want each member
> can see all the other 499 members in his buddy lists. We will have to insert
> 499*499 records into the roster-groups tables. We can absolutely avoid this
> by defined a systematic group table and put 500 records there. But then we
> would have to make some changes of the jabbers sources code. Then it will be
> an enterprise Version of Jabberd. I am thinking about this work recently and
> wonder if there is any people who have the same interest. Maybe we can
> cooperate. 

If you're interested in contributing to this for jabberd2 (which I
assume from the reference to roster-groups), add your ideas to the
jabberd2 wiki (starting from Roadmap) at http://j2.openaether.org/mediawiki/


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