[jdev] Lack of C++ libraries & Xmpp Succes

Carolina Ardohain carolinaardohain at gmail.com
Fri Jun 17 13:46:47 CDT 2005

I was searching for XMPP C++ libraries, but I was unable to find
anything useful.

Jaberoo is no more maintained, oajabber is in early stages is
difficult to compile (also requiere xerces). There are others
libraries like loudmouth but requires gnome libraries or iris that
need qt libraries. I must say iksemel? (but is in c).

I think that this lack of good libraries, is comploting agains the
succes of Xmpp protocol. Each application must develop it's own
libraries like psi, gaim, exodus, miranda, etc. A good idea maybe to
centralize the development of one library that everyone can use (like
openssl, libz, libpng). I think The Jabber Foundation is the right
place to start creating such library.

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