[jdev] Lack of C++ libraries & Xmpp Succes

Justin Karneges justin-keyword-jabber.093179 at affinix.com
Fri Jun 17 15:27:27 CDT 2005


> I was searching for XMPP C++ libraries, but I was unable to find
> anything useful.

You'll have to expand on your definition of 'useful.'

> Jaberoo is no more maintained, oajabber is in early stages is
> difficult to compile (also requiere xerces). There are others
> libraries like loudmouth but requires gnome libraries or iris that
> need qt libraries. I must say iksemel? (but is in c).

Is it an issue of dependencies?  Why can't you use these libs?

On a side note, last I looked, Loudmouth is C (not C++) and it depends on glib 
(not GNOME).  Also, there is the recently announced "libstrophe" (in C), 
which by the sound of it probably doesn't have much in the way of 

> I think that this lack of good libraries, is comploting agains the
> succes of Xmpp protocol. Each application must develop it's own
> libraries like psi, gaim, exodus, miranda, etc. A good idea maybe to
> centralize the development of one library that everyone can use (like
> openssl, libz, libpng).

Well, of those clients you mention, the only C++ client is Psi, and both it 
and KDE's Kopete are powered by the Iris library.  So at least there you see 
some code re-use.  But you're right, jabber-lib sharing among end-user 
clients is depressingly uncommon.

As for Gaim and Miranda, they were developed before there were any C libs.  
Maybe they could switch to using iksemel, loudmouth, or libstrophe.


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