[jdev] Lack of C++ libraries & Xmpp Succes

Carolina Ardohain carolinaardohain at gmail.com
Fri Jun 17 18:46:20 CDT 2005

I don't expect that answer, but usually if you have a C library you
can make binding in almost all language for such library.

To use .Net you need the framework, that not everyone has installed
and isn't available for every plataform (I know about Mono but isn't
complete yet).

I'm using Twisted now, that's complete Internet Framework, an easy to
develop, but you have to install Python in order to distribute an

Huge libraries like xerces and ACE make difficult to distribute an application. 

On 6/17/05, Chris Mullins <chris.mullins at coversant.net> wrote:
> At this point, I would consider C++ obsolete as a language for modern
> development. It's been supplanted by both Java and .NET. Starting a new
> project in C++, unless there were compelling reasons to use it (low
> level device access, large amount of interfacing with legacy code, etc)
> would, in my opinion, usually be a mistake.
> XMPP has current generation, maintained, Java and .NET libraries. Some
> of these libraries are commercial, some are open-source (which is an
> entirely different can of works), but they do exist.
> One thing that I do find amusing, is that client developers seem to
> enjoy developing their own interfaces - all of the popular clients that
> I've seen all create their own libraries. I don't believe this is out of
> technical necessity, but rather the way developers prefer to code.
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