[jdev] Lack of C++ libraries & Xmpp Succes

aliban aliban at gmx.net
Sat Jun 18 06:01:38 CDT 2005

Yes, in fact I agree with you. This was already topic in the JSF for 
several times.

Whatever there are too many positions in the JSF that prefere a 
non-software oriented organisation.
This is mainly because there are many JSF-members that are commercial 
and want to sell their own
stuff. - And I can understand this - The JSF wont maintain an official 
Jabber lib/project that restricts
any commercial companies.

So it depends on opensource projects as you already listed them. 
Basically I prefere c++, too.
There should be some easy to use standalone lib that integrates into the 
OS and offers XMPP access
as an API. Similar as there are API's for MSN and ICQ... For this I 
started the XCD project.

The site is not updated but the code is still under heavy development. 
If people have interest in it
I will update the page.

If you like it, tell me :)


Carolina Ardohain schrieb:

>I was searching for XMPP C++ libraries, but I was unable to find
>anything useful.
>Jaberoo is no more maintained, oajabber is in early stages is
>difficult to compile (also requiere xerces). There are others
>libraries like loudmouth but requires gnome libraries or iris that
>need qt libraries. I must say iksemel? (but is in c).
>I think that this lack of good libraries, is comploting agains the
>succes of Xmpp protocol. Each application must develop it's own
>libraries like psi, gaim, exodus, miranda, etc. A good idea maybe to
>centralize the development of one library that everyone can use (like
>openssl, libz, libpng). I think The Jabber Foundation is the right
>place to start creating such library.
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