[jdev] which jabber lib to use for a jabber extensed protocol client ?

Damien Accorsi lebouquetin at tuxfamily.org
Tue Jun 21 06:51:50 CDT 2005


I'm about to develop a Jabber client software using a jabber based 
protocol. The main things I need are :

- ease of use for personnal <x/> extensions
- ease of use for personnal <iq/> extensions (between clients only)
- file transfert
- and, of course standard <message/>

My software will be Jabber based but it won't implement all of XMPP 
protocol. I need basic functionnality (register, roast, presence and 
other basic stuff about Jabber messaging) but don't care about advanced 
skills like services discovery or multi-user chat...

I was about to use C++ but the thread "Lack of C++ libraries" make me 

Could someone help me in order to choose the best library to use ? I 
think about using PSI library (but don't really know it) or a java one 
but don't know which is the most appropriate for this project.

Thanks in advance for your help


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