[jdev] Google Summer of Code participants

Julian Missig julian at jabber.org
Sun Jun 26 16:21:44 CDT 2005

On 26 Jun 2005, at 14:17, Kevin Smith wrote:

> On 26 Jun 2005, at 22:05, Julian Missig wrote:
>> On 26 Jun 2005, at 13:58, Kevin Smith wrote:
>>> There was a proposal for someone to bring xhtml-im, plugins and  
>>> an overhauled UI to Psi, but it was rejected :(
>> Er, is that particularly realistic? Even an XHTML-IM alone would  
>> probably be more than enough for a summer, especially integrating  
>> with the existing codebase... let alone "overhauling" the UI.
> Xhtml-im is part-written, I was planning on helping with the  
> plugins code as I have a particular interest in that, and the UI  
> overhauls weren't to be major. Additionally it was my brother who  
> happens to live in the same city as me, so co-operation wasn't  
> going to be an issue. 3 months is a long time to code if you're  
> doing nothing else.
> Anyway, it didn't happen and I'm very sad on behalf of Psi, but  
> hey, our release schedule will just trundle along at it's usual  
> slow pace; the features are all planned anyway, it's just likely to  
> be 2006 sometime. I think I'd put too much hope in getting the help  
> over the summer :/

Well, I think if Psi in particular wanted someone for Summer of Code,  
you should have looked into becoming a sponsor yourself. Psi is  
certainly a popular Jabber client, but that's no guarantee that the  
JSF would pick proposals specifically for Psi.

If it's your brother and he's already interested in helping out with  
open source stuff anyway, perhaps you could still convince him to do  


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