[jdev] Impelmenting SOCKS5 file transfers

Alexander Wenckus awenckus at mindbridge.com
Mon Jun 27 15:31:49 CDT 2005


I am having some trouble implementing file transfers i am using both 
exodus and PSI to test with. I am attempting to do a direct connection 
currently and as far as I know I am implementing the byte stream 
correctly because both PSI and Exodus are connecting to my socket 
successfully but my problem lies in that I am not sure why they are 
sending me what they are sending me and what to do with it. when exodus 
connects it sends me three bytes: 5 1 0. 5 I assume is for socks version 
5, 1 I assume is for command 1 but shouldn't that be followed with the 
addr type, the addr and then the port? Thats if I am reading the JEP 
correctly. Irregardless of whatever it means I send back two bytes, 0 0, 
as an acknowledgement of the connection but then exodus throws up an 
error message, unable to connect to any proxies. From PSI i recieve the 
output on the socket 5 2 0 2 and when i attempt to send the ack 0 0 i 
get the error,  unable to connect to peer for file transfer. Can anyone 
tell me what I am doing wrong? Any help is greatly appreciated.


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