[jdev] 'Conference' category in roster

Sander Devrieze s.devrieze at pandora.be
Wed Jun 29 10:12:49 CDT 2005

Op dinsdag 28 juni 2005 16:48, schreef Richard Dobson:
> > With the supplied example you wouldn't appear to be in the room because
> > the subscription is "none". [MUC implementations are unlikely to try to
> > subscribe to a user's presence.]
> Ah of course thats true, but if it wasnt none it would send it.
> > I agree it is a non-standard hack. RFC 3921 does not permit a 'category'
> > attribute in a roster item.
> Yea so any server or client that implements it cannot really call
> themselves XMPP compliant since its non permitted in the standard.


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