[jdev] Re: Implementing SOCKS5 file transfers

Zhong Li webjabber at gmail.com
Thu Jun 30 09:48:02 CDT 2005

at step 4.7 of JEP-0065, Target send back the StreamHost chosen. You as an
Initiator, need go to step 4.8, at this time, Target established connection with
SOCKS server. SOCKS server is waiting for Initiator to bind on it(send 0x02),
get authorize by verify SHA1(SID + Initiator JID + Target JID), then it can
start to exchange data as a Proxy; then go to next step 4.9, let target know
connection is OK . From here, you can send data as a socket. :)

Check my code, methods sendOutData and getSocket. 

Zhong Li


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