[jdev] Re: Implementing SOCKS5 file transfers

Alexander Wenckus awenckus at mindbridge.com
Thu Jun 30 10:20:31 CDT 2005


There is no socks5 server because I am connecting directly. So I am 
acting as both initiator and proxy. So as streamhost all i should need 
to do is send the ack of the connection in example 19, which, as far as 
I know, is what I am doing. But like I said before it neither works when 
communicating with PSI or with Exodus.

Thanks again for all the help

Zhong Li wrote:

>at step 4.7 of JEP-0065, Target send back the StreamHost chosen. You as an
>Initiator, need go to step 4.8, at this time, Target established connection with
>SOCKS server. SOCKS server is waiting for Initiator to bind on it(send 0x02),
>get authorize by verify SHA1(SID + Initiator JID + Target JID), then it can
>start to exchange data as a Proxy; then go to next step 4.9, let target know
>connection is OK . From here, you can send data as a socket. :)
>Check my code, methods sendOutData and getSocket. 
>Zhong Li
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