[jdev] deferred delivery

Mickael Remond mickael.remond at erlang-fr.org
Tue Mar 1 04:26:33 CST 2005

Tijl Houtbeckers wrote:
> It's possible to use XMPP in a store and forward fashion, you wouldn't  
> need to modify the protocol for it. It's still an "edge" case though. A  
> good reason for XMPP to replace email in my opinion is this concept of  
> "instant" error reporting.

Yes. The idea of instant error is interesting, but the problem for what 
to do with the error then rely on the client.
If this is a simple chat message, then no problem, I wait for the next 
time I see my correpondant online.
But if this is an important message that I want him to read as soon as 
he gets online ?
I am using Jabber as some kind of text voicemail for people that are not 

I agree however that I never encountered a Jabber server that was down 
when I tried to leave a message waiting for someone.

And I agree that the problem with mail is to process error message that 
come afterwards. Clients has still to process the error message when it 
comes as a definitive failure of delivery.

Mickaël Rémond

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